Mwenge Community College

Mwenge Community College (MCC) was established in 2003 by the Revolutionary Party of the West Region in collaboration with the leaders of the Revolutionary Society of Zanzibar. The main purpose of the establishment of the Academy for the period was to mobilize the youth and teach them the ideology of the Revolutionary Party through the ideological classes supervised by the Secretary of the Province.

Before the College was renamed by the MCC it became known as the Special Class of Ideology but as the days went by, it was changed to focus on reforming the ideology of the Revolutionary Party and began to teach classes in various fields like Class of Law, First aid class, Electricity and Electricity Class, Information class, and Computer Class.

In 2010 the College received provisional support through the Zanzibar Vocational Training Authority (VTA) and received a registration number VCT / 2018/2/00055/2 and has now completed preparations for the Diploma of Information and Health be able to develop and develop students' capacity for such theories for the development of our Nation.

The college, currently, is involved in offering short courses, training, research and consultancy in a various aspects such as nursing, broadcasting, computer, Administration, IT, Management and Development, Policy, tailoring and electricity.


  • Certificate in General nursing with midwifery
  • Certificate in Clinical psychology
  • Certificate in Clinical officer (CO)
  • Certificate in Journalism
  • Certificate in human resources and management
  • Certificate in marketing and management
  • Certificate in public relation and administration
  • Certificate in business administration
  • Certificate electrical installation
  • Certificate in tailoring and designing
  • Certificate in ICT with education
  • Certificate in electronics


  • Diploma in General nursing with midwifery
  • Diploma in Clinical psychology
  • Diploma in Clinical officer (CO)
  • Diploma in Journalism


  • Project planning and management.
  • Research writing and analysis
  • Report writing (note taking, minutes)
  • Language packing
  • Tuition for A level and O level, elementary English class.
  • Consultation (educational consultation and business )
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tour guide
  • Front office operations

Top Professors

Profesor Name
Mr. Khamis Juma Ali

Principal of the College.

Profesor Name
Mr. Ahmed Said Muhammed

Head of Administrator.

Profesor Name
Mr. Fadhil Machano Haji

Academic Officer.

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