Millennium Community College is governed by an independent policy making board capable of reflecting the public interest in its activities and decisions. In accomplishing this objective the board appoints committees for any of its functions and the committees report to the board as required.  The following are among the committees:

·          Academic Committee;

·          Examinations Committee;

·          Admission Committee;

·          Appointment and Disciplinary Committee;

·          Students Welfare Committee;

·          Public Engagement Committee;

·          Curriculum Development and Review Committee;

·          Planning and Finance Committee; and

·          Staff Welfare Committee.

The Board is delegating its day to day activities and decision to the College Management Team (CMT) for implementation.  The entrusted College Management Team (CMT) structure of Millennium Community College comprises three Top Executive Officers:

    • Principal;
    • Vice-Principal: Academic, Research and Consultancy;
    • Vice-Principal: Planning, Finance & Administration.

Principal is the Chief Executive Officer; and is assisted by two Vice-Principals: 1. Vice-Principal for Academic, Research and Consultancy and; 2. Vice-Principal for Planning, Finance and Administration. These are assisted by a number of Staffs.