Public Engagement

Welcome Parents and Families,

We are pleased to have your child enrolled at Millennium Community College and we welcome you and your family to get pleasure from Millennium students, staff, parents and friends.

The Office of Dean of Students: Public Engagement Unit will coordinate a variety of opportunities for you to engage with your students and the life of the College including on-campus events, publications and communications and connections to campus resources. We hope that you will find this opportunity useful as you visit and participate to different programs at Millennium Community College.

The Unit of Public Engagement is an important point of contact for those who have questions about student activities and residential life at Millennium Community College. Additionally, in the case of an on-campus emergency, the Office of Public Engagement will notify families of the College’s response via email and mobile phone.

Contact with questions about logistics regarding parent and family programs and engagement events, coordination of parent and family communications, and outreach, and if interested in sponsoring any program

  •  Works across College departments/units to manage parent communications,          outreach and events
  • Coordinates Banquet and March  programming for Millennium students
  • Oversees the College’s Parent and Family Programs including the Freshman and  Junior Family Days
  • Creates and coordinates programming and services during Banquet and March      and convenes and chairs the Banquet and March  Planning Committee


Visiting Your Student

Many events take place on and out of campus for parents and family members including Freshman Family Days, Junior Family Days and Banquet and March .

In addition, Millennium families might visit at other times of year to see a Millennium athletic event or performance, or to explore greater public engagement programs.

Parent-Run Social Networks

Millennium parents have created a few unofficial Facebook groups to connect with each other and share information.

To join please visit Millennium Facebook page

Please be in touch with questions or ideas!


Public engagement Unit




 Millennium Community College values Public engagement, which expresses our commitment to search for knowledge-based solutions to the community and world problems. Public engagement is an interpretation of our outreach mission that emphasizes being proactive (actively engaged) and having a public impact. We are conceited to invite parents and families, students and staff to taken up and develop this concept of MCC’s outreach mission.

 Public Engagement: Goals

·         Seize opportunities to build on advances already made in the following areas:

a)    Continue to connect student learning and faculty expertise to community needs

b)    Continue to support the development of faculty expertise in sharing scholarship in broadly public ways.

·         Recognize and support college, students and parents and families programs, which offer a unique opportunity for students to enhance their educational experience by providing a variety of options for learning both inside and outside the classroom, including learning languages, field-based courses, experiential, community based programs, and internships of all kinds. These programs are often opportunities for Millennium to connect their scholarship to the community.

·         Recognize and support via foundational and other special programs, such as the Pre-College academic program, that are important venues to communicate the work of Millennium to the outside community and provide outreach to Millennium students. These programs should be accessible to students of all financial means.

·         Recognize and acknowledge publicly engaged activities by Millennium, students, administrators and staff as important contributions to Millennium’s role in building community.

·         Recognize and support the role that MCC public scholarship and engagement has in enhancing Millennium’s reputation as a Community class institution.


·         Recognize and support the role of the arts in engaging the community, attracting students to Millennium and providing arenas for public events. 

Public Engagement Guiding Principles

There are guiding principles that Millennium Community College take up for public engagement. These principles include:

·     Define public engagement broadly to include local engagement and forging the links between them, creating synergies among the College community.

·     Public engagement offers opportunities for collaborative, reciprocal, mutually beneficial, and generative relationships between the academy and the society. Shared publicly engaged activities also create opportunities to build community among the very diverse members of the College students.

·         Public engagement is multi-faceted, ranging from college scholarship and pre-College, to community engaged learning courses, programs and opportunities to develop community engagement.

·    Public engagement crosses all lines of the College, with opportunities for students, administrators and staff. Publicly engaged scholarship, learning and service require specific structures and dedicated support.